Joanna Bond

Gallery, Studios, Cinema

Oriel, Stiwdios,Sinema

Joanna Bond

I express myself through ceramics, voice and movement, usually autonomously sometimes collaboratively. My current work responds to our relationship with plants and animals incorporating music, movement, plants, milk, ecology and dairy farms. Ceramics also on sale at Old College and ArtHouse - TÅ·Celf.

Becoming Wall - Performance art piece


An attempt to promote connection with nature through movement, interaction and immersion into the physical natural world.


Music by Stuart Hampton, film by Sam Christie.

Inseparability of human and nature - Performance art piece.


Opening show for my 9 month residency in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Development for a larger production due to be performed in October 2016.


Music by Ailsa Mair Hughes and Stuart Hampton.

Singing The Line Into Existence.


An art project and theatre production trying to re-establish the rail link to Camarthen and bring back the abandonded railway line through art, music, song and dance.

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